Helping Small Employers and Individuals With Insurance, throughout Texas!

Mary Lou Hudman, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®, is the owner/broker of A Benefit Source and John Paul Hudman has joined the agency as a partner in 2018 and has his life and health license. A Benefit Source acts as an Independent Agent/Consultant for employers throughout Texas, serving numerous Medicare-eligible clients, individuals, and small employer groups under 100 employees. Mary Lou is a Certified Senior Advisor(CSA)®, which is a prestigious certification in the senior market. Mary Lou and John Paul represent all of the top-rated insurance carriers in Texas, both, of course, certified to sell Medicare products and also offering group employee benefits (health, dental, life, disability, 401(k), and supplemental cancer, accident, hospital, and chronic illness plans), individual health, dental, life, and disability plans, long term care plans, and freshbenies (telehealth, health advocate, bill saver, pet insurance and discounts for dental, vision, and Rx).